New Bot Studies

New technologies filter through the Bot Studies. They refer to using robots and botany to render new life forms. These sculptures resonate with the ephemera of packaging and everyday products. They become beings suffused with references to how we live, what we manufacture and buy, what we forget about and throw away. They reflect and make note of how we are treating nature.

The Bot Studies are an invention that becomes a search by me for their relevance. I add programmed electronics to animate them with light. I try to bridge the divide between our alienation from technology's forms and our ability to humanize them. They help me reflect on our participation in cyborg and robot formats, their usefulness and our enjoyment of them.

The Bots have a being-ness. Using older, discarded things, I form the shell or skin that holds them. They have a vitality from the significance of cultural artifacts used to make them.

I think of the Bot Studies as wise 'tricksters' who mediate between scientific discovery and people. I make Bots to express my desire to preserve nature and to comment on and mark where we are, what we are doing. Calling out with art can inspire us to work at handing forward a healthier earth to the next generation.