Kathleen J Graves is a photographer whose work is based on her love of nature and technology. She mixes them together using ideas about Nanobots and new life forms that work and live in outdoor landscapes.

The works called 'Dark Garden' reflect on changing weather patterns worldwide and flooding in the Long Island New York area where she lives. In these works the “Bots' take on imaginary forms as observers of the environment.

These cautionary images respond to the joy of gardens and the artist's belief in representing new science visually within the framework of an idea.

Kathleen J has shown work in New York, Miami and Europe. She created a Site Specific Installation called 'The Poetry of Change' for the Inner Room in Siena, Italy, 2014. In November 2014 she participated in a three person exhibition called 'De Bello Naturae - della natura, le sfide' at the Barletta Castle in Italy. She was curated into Miami Basel by John Hanhardt for 'Framing the Moving Image', December 2013. In 2014 these works called 'Bot Studies' became part of the Cricket Taplin Collection and are part of the ongoing show at the Sagamore Art Hotel. She was featured in an article in the Hufngton Post in 2014 by Jacqueline Bishop called 'Kathleen J Graves Passionate Art Advocacy of the Environment'. Other shows include 'Light and Life: Contemporary Landscapes' in NYC, 'Art that Iterates' at Columbia University in NYC and a solo show 'Slips of Happliness' in Bari, Italy. Kathleen J was part of an international Colloquium and Exhibition in Havana, Cuba and a guest artist at ArtMill in the Czech Republic.

Kathleen J Graves was an Assistant Professor of Art at New York University and she also taught at Sarah Lawrence College and the International Center of Photography in NYC. She was Director of the Advanced Digital Print Studio at NYU teaching about the large format digital print between 2005-2012. She is a practicing artist at Gravus Print Studios in the greater New York area.

Kathleen J has additional work at The Ghost Of Medieval In Tech.


Publicity & Press


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